Marojoka Hockey Club

Thank you for choosing to play Hockey with our club.

Please remit the appropriate payment amount for the Hockey activity.  If you have questions, please email the club. 

Make payments to Marojoka Field Hockey Club, LLC in these ways:

1. Check (mail or in person)
2. Cash (in person- in a labeled envelope with player's name and what the money is for)
3. Zelle- Find us using the Marojoka email-

4. Venmo- log into your Venmo app. Then search for us using our email:

5. PayPal- Log into YOUR* PayPal account, then search for Marojoka using our email address-

Please email the club if you have any questions.

*basic directions to pay via your own personal Pay-Pal account:

1- Log into your paypal account.

2- Choose "Send & Receive" and search for the club using our email address.

3- follow the prompts after that, making sure to designate the payment PURPOSE and player in the "NOTE" area..

Detailed PAYPAL directions, with pictures, can be found here.  It is a two page pdf.