Marojoka Hockey Club

hype hockey begins november fourth.

There are two sessions of hype Hockey planed for this winter, each of which will be divided up into three age groups:

Hype-1 will run from november 4 through december 23, 2020

hype-2 begins january 6 and run through february 17, 2021.

snow make-up dates:

DEC 30 for hype-1 and

feb 24 for hype-2.

The cost of HYPE-1 is $145 for all seven sessions.


Please ARRIVE up to fifteen minutes before your session for temperature screening and sign-in at the front desk. 

Everyone, athletes and adults, are required to wear a mask at all times.

Parents may come to the front desk to see the inside of the facility and complete any paperwork*, but they may not stay to watch the session (sorry....pandemic restrictions).

Youth (u14/u12/u10) 5:45-7 PM ( between 5:30 & 5:45).

u16 is from 6:45-8 PM.

u19 is from 7:45-9 PM.

PAPERWORK for hype:

1- required st. luke's waiver here.  Please hand this waiver in to the front desk upon entry.

2- Either a currently valid USA Field Hockey member number (you may email your number to the club),


for those who have never been a member in their life, a local membership through Marojoka by submitting this form and paying ten dollars to the club. 

NOTE: The front desk does not handle this USA member form. 


a local membership through our club is good for one single year, does not entitle you to participate in any usa field hockey events other than local sessions with the marojoka hockey club, is only available once in a player's lifetime, and only if they have never been a member of USA Field Hockey at any time in the past (even with another club).  After one year, to participate in future USA sanctioned clubs or events, you will need to sign-up for a full membership.


Please see our club safety procedures here.


The full link to indicate your

level of Hockey interest is:

GooD LUck to those involved in post-season play!

See the district xi brackets here.