Club Philosophy: Since 1992 the Marojoka Hockey Club has provided athletes the opportunity to learn the skills and tactics needed to be a successful field hockey player. Through training sessions, and optional competitions, the club seeks to instill a love for the game while also helping athletes learn to balance sport with life. Members develop individual and team goals, review progress towards those goals, analyze tactical situations that occur during play, understand rule changes and novel strategies that may arise, umpire training matches and assume other leadership roles.

Those club members* with a high level of interest will be given the opportunity to play in USA Field Hockey events and be guided through the college selection process should they choose to continue playing after secondary school.  All players are encouraged to consider playing their freshman year, whether as a member of a Varsity collegiate team, a club team or intramural team.​​  Both the experience of participation (especially time management), and the friendships made will increase a student's chances of graduating on-time, regardless of whether they play three more years.

Members of the club (those who are active players, and are affiliated with Marojoka through a current USA Hockey membership) will receive up to two hours per year of private consultation (including family meetings, phone conversations, detailed emails and  text messages).  Players who are not members of the club may purchase consultation services in units of one hour from our web store.​​

The sport of Field hockey is a game.  A game should be fun.  The Club wants to help each athlete fulfill their potential as a player, while remembering to enjoy playing.  
​After all -  Field Hockey is a part of life, not life itself.

* USA Field Hockey has restrictive roster rules for some events.  Those players who are affiliated with the Marojoka Hockey Club through USA Field Hockey will be given priority for certain events over players who choose to remain members of another club.​​For more information on USA Field Hockey membership, please go to the "Links" page.

If you wish to affiliate through USA Field Hockey with the Marojoka Hockey Club, but are a member of a different club, please view this video to see how to request a change in membership affiliation outside the summer "open affiliation" period.

Practice Locations:  The Hockey Club trains at several locations in the Lehigh Valley, all easily accessible from Route 22.  The time and location of each training session will be communicated to all players and parents via email.

For Further information, please email the Hockey Club.

​​Club Affiliation:  USA Field Hockey​​​

Season(s):  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall​​

​​​​Contact Information:​​​  Martin

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