Uniforms:   The club sells an optional pair of sleeveless shirts to any player interested in  attending tournaments.  If you do not plan to play in tournaments, you do NOT have to buys shirts.  Currently the shirts cost $40 for the pair, and include a number only on the back of each shirt.  After players try on a shirt, and get maternal approval that it is the appropriate size, I ask for three number requests.  We want to avoid duplicate numbers for players less than three years apart in age (in case they play together at an event).

Players are responsible for acquiring a flat front black running skirt/kilt approximately thirteen inches in length.  It can be any brand, although many of the players have Nike tennis skirts with built in shorts (players are encourage to get any brand with the built in shorts...).  One brand that is popular, when in stock, is the Champion C-9 running skirt from Target (see link below, but check Target.com regularly).  If you wish to get your number on the front left of your kilt, the club will add it at no charge (please clearly write your name and number on a stiff piece of paper, and attach it with  a safety pin to the label inside the kilt if getting a number...). 

SIZES for the sleeveless uniform shirts we use​​ can be seen HERE.

Suggested places to find a flat front black kilt (often on sale):



Uniform and SHOE hints from August 5th, 2018:

Shoe suggestion...but any color of any sturdy tennis or squash shoe will do. These are suggested because they also make a very popular line of women's Field Hockey turf shoes.  If your exact size is missing, check the Youth and Men's shoe sales too.


Kilt suggestion (but any brand, flat front, all black kilt with built in shorts will be fine).


Even target sometimes has them....buy one black, and one of another color for practice, and get free shipping, or Mom's, buy something for yourself that costs at least $15.01 for free shipping on the black kilt. Sometimes they stock an even nicer model in women's sizes too (a flatter style without the colored zipper/key pocket in the back). Just keep looking on line, and when you are at target (sometimes the price drops to under fourteen dollars....)


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