Equipment:   The club is not in the business of selling equipment.  If there is something you need (gloves, stick, shin or mouth guards, etc.) and the item is present, it will be offered to you at or below cost.

Although indoor sticks are "nice" for indoor play, they are NOT required under current FIH rules (that stick requirement was dropped in 2014...).

Please feel free to discuss any stick purchase with me before spending $$$.

I STRONGLY suggest players get a pair of thick foam gloves to play Indoor Hockey.  Wearing the left-hand glove when playing on turf outside is also strongly encouraged.

Parents, remember: TWO GLOVES are cheaper than ONE X-RAY.

You should try on gloves before you buy them.

GOGGLES:  Goggles are OPTIONAL for club events.  Under USA Field Hockey rules the ONLY goggles that are legal are all plastic models.  No WIRE cage goggles are permitted in USA Field Hockey events (pre FIH international rules...).

Suggested vendors of equipment are below.

Suggested places to find equipment (often on sale):

: NOTE - although there may be wire-cage styles listed at the following link that are legal for scholastic play, the only ones permitted for USA Field Hockey events (and college Hockey, which follows FIH rules), are the plastic models.

Another supplier of goggles (they may have free shipping sometimes making the price competitive)​

PIAA and National Federation approved goggles (October 2017) -  Please NOTE - Only those models which are all plastic (WITHOUT a wire cage) are also legal for USA Field Hockey, and FIH events (this includes all NCAA Field Hockey competition).
Goggle straps: Designed by female athletes, these truly awesome straps come in a tremendous variety of colors and designs for any Lacrosse or scholastic Hockey player.

Shinguards: Legs overheating in your armor?  Try these....

Sticks, gloves, bags, etc

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