Marojoka Hockey Club
Our Club 

Co-founded in 1992 by Martin Romeril and the late Josh Kaligis, the Marojoka Hockey Club has provided out-of-school playing opportunities, especially Indoor Field Hockey events, to expand the experience of players of all abilities.

Hockey is a unique team sport, spanning four thousand years, from it's birth in ancient Egypt, as depicted in the Tomb of Kehti at Beni Hasan, circa 2,000 B.C., to the modern game of today.  Everyone who chooses to pick up a stick can contribute to their team's performance.  A game of almost unlimited choices, the ability to recognize the conditions at any moment of play, and to choose wisely from the options available, is more important than superior athletic ability when determining a player's effectiveness on the pitch.

The sport of Field hockey is a game.  A game should be fun.  Our Club chooses to help each athlete fulfill their potential as a player, while remembering to enjoy playing.  

After all -  Field Hockey is a part of life, not life itself.

Training Locations

We currently utilize two indoor facilities for our hockey programs.

The Whitehall-Skateaway on Lehigh Street is the site for all our competitive indoor travel team training sessions.  This facility features a full international size indoor court on a beautiful double layer wooden floor.

Our HYPE(Help Your Play Excel) Hockey training program will be held at new indoor turf at the St. Luke's Fitness & Sports Performance Center at 702 Union Boulevard in Allentown for 2020-21.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

(Daughter's Year of Graduation)

President – Martin Romeril

V.P. – Jen Lorah (2021)

Director of Coaching – Kandiss Schrader (2023)

Treasurer – Amy Horninger (2022)

Membership Secretary / Travel Coordinator – Amy Trocki (2025)

Marketing Coordinator – Annette and Eric Iasiello – (2024)

Uniform Secretary, Website Design – Jean Anderson (2024)

Communications Secretary – Diane Kallenbach (2023)

Fundraising - Becky Haldeman (2026)


Martin Romeril

Coach Romeril currently holds a USA Level II coaching certification, has achieved USA Level 2 Indoor and Outdoor Umpire ratings, is entering his fourth decade as a PIAA official, was the last individual in NCAA history to simultaneously serve as Head Coach of both a Division I Field Hockey and Division I Women’s Lacrosse program, and is a veteran nine year Varsity scholastic coach. Twelve years playing in the North East Field Hockey Association introduced him to both artificial turf and Indoor Hockey, while playing with four eventual members of the 1996 US Men's Olympic Team as a member of the Rye Hockey Club. Since the inaugural 1990 Futures Development sessions, Coach Romeril has served many years as a Futures coach, also coaching at the AAU Junior Olympics, National “B” Camp, and participated in many training matches against the USA Women’s National team during the 1990s.

Marojoka Field Hockey Options

Marojoka offers 2 options for players to expand their field hockey skills.

Competitive Indoor Travel teams practice on an indoor field hockey court and play in indoor field hockey tournaments throughout the winter months.

The HYPE- Help Your Game Excel- Hockey training is meant for field hockey players that want to keep their stick on a ball throughout the winter months. There will be several 7-week sessions offered for players to continue to train on turf.